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Service Agreements

Service Agreements

Harley’s Heating and Air Conditioning inc. agrees to provide semi-annual service of your heating and cooling systems.

Our agreements are easy to own! we have flexible scheduling and you have our personal guaranty.

If your system requires a additional service call you never pay a diagnostic fee

Harley’s Heating and Air Conditioning provides you with a service and maintenance program delivered by factory-trained technicians that will make your heating and cooling systems operate efficiently and economically.

How Service Agreements Save You Money!

You can expect the following benefits from the scheduled maintenance of your equipment:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Greater Capacity and Dependability
  • 10% Discount on repairs
  • Priority Service
  • 24 Hour emergency service availability
  • Filters and Humidifiers (additional cost)


For your Cooling System, we:

  • Clean condenser coil and check for damage
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Test compressor and motors for voltage and AMP draw
  • Check and test all electrical components
  • Check and lubricate fan motor
  • Check condensate drain system

For your Heating System, we:

  • Test backup heaters (heat pump)
  • Check and lubricate blower assembly
  • Check and test all electrical components
  • Clean and inspect heat exchanger (gas furnace)
  • Inspect venting

Our service program is designed to deliver three things to you: lower utility bills, consistent comfort in your home, and the avoidance of expensive repairs.

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