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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems use the Constant Temperature of the Ground

Ground temperatures are a constant 55° all year no matter what the weathers like

Geothermal works because the ground beneath our feet is warmer than the outside air in the winter and cooler in the summer. Inserting a series of small pipes into the ground allows heat to be transferred to and from your home. In this process heat is not created, it is transported therefore no fuel is burned.

Two Pieces to the Geothermal System:

1. Heat Pump – the inside unit known as the heat pump

2. Ground Loopunderground pipes which connect to the heat pump

Winter Operation: The underground pipes, called a ground loop, circulate water which absorbs the heat from the earth and returns it to the indoor heat pump. The heat pump extracts the heat from the liquid then distributes it throughout your home as warm air. With the heat removed, the water is re-circulated to collect more heat from the ground. In this case the loop water is warmer when it comes into the home than when it goes back into the earth since the heat is being removed.

Summer Operation: The indoor heat pump takes the hot air from your home and removes the heat. This leaves behind cool air to be distributed through your vents as air-conditioning. The removed heat from the air is rejected into the earth through the ground loop. In this case the water is warmer leaving the home then when it returns since heat is rejected into it.

This is not a new technology, this is not a science experiment, this not rocket science. In fact in many European nations geothermal heating and cooling is the standard. In Sweden and Switzerland more than 75% of new homes have geothermal.

The EPA has acknowledged geothermal systems as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, & cost-effective space conditioning systems available.

This is a high level explanation of geothermal, for more specifics read about loop fields andsystem sizing. You should also watch the video below.

Geothermal Heating Systems in Lincoln NE

Geothermal Heating Systems

Planning to build a new office building or house, or replace your cooling and heating system? You may want to consider using a geothermal heat pump system or GHP. It is known as a water-source or ground-source heat pumps. Many consider GHP as an energy-efficient geothermal heating system that are both apt for commercial and residential building applications.

For areas with varying temperature, GHP could be a good thing to consider. If you are living in regions with cool to frigid winters, GHP system is vey ideal to have in your home or office. If you are considering geothermal heating system, it would best to know enough about its installation. Geothermal heating system is a good source of free energy that you can provide your office or home with central cooling or heating system.

What to Know When Considering Geothermal Heating Systems

When considering a geothermal heating system, you must be aware of is cost as well as payback. T can be installed virtually in any area of a country and can save you money and energy. What makes it cost-efficient to use is that it only consumes 25%-50% less electricity compared to conventional cooling and heating systems. Geothermal Heating Lincoln for instance, can help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy bill. Geothermal heating system can also improve your house or office humidity control through maintaining 50% relative humidity indoor. This makes GHP very effective equipment you can have in your home if you are living in humid areas.

Geothermal Lincoln can be installed in retrofit or new situations. It also allows flexibility in designs. Compared to conventional HVAC system, GHP systems requires less hardware space making it possible for the equipment tools to be scaled down allowing mire space for more productive use. This type of cooling and heating system also provides a good zone space conditioning, enabling various parts of your residence to be cooled or heated in temperatures of your choice.

Installing Geothermal heating system is usually expensive compared to other heating and cooling system. However, it can help you save lots of money in the long run. To save more, you can equip your GHP system with a desuperheater. It is a device that allows you to heat household water. You can heat water for free by the heat taken from your house. This can help you reduce your water heating costs, most especially during winter. Also, GHP system also lasts for long years of usage. They are highly reliable and not susceptible to vandalism.

To learn more about how a Geothermal heating system can reduce your utility bill without compromising your comfort, call us at 402-466-3408 and speak to our owner, Rick Shortridge.

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