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10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A HVAC Contractor


At Harley's Heating & Air Conditioning we are dedicated to providing the best possible comfort, clean air and energy savings!

Our promise is to take the time to understand what you want to accomplish for your home or business when it comes to your comfort and offer options to help you reach your goals


Right there when you need us!

In addition, we like making it easy for you by providing you emergency service 7 days a week WITHOUT any overtime charges.

We are here for you, whenever you need it!

Air Conditioning Repair


Our comfort control specialists will do a thorough assessment of your system. This is the important first step to discover what is needed to restore your systems capacity and efficiency.

Who We Are?

Since 1970. Harley’s Heating and Air has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Lincoln area. Our Values and principles are a part of us and each team members number 1 goal is customer satisfaction!

What Our Clients Think

Commercial AC & Heating

Harley’s Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure that your business’ or building’s air quality performs at optimum levels for the comfort of your clients and staff.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the even, steady temperatures underground to regulate your home’s indoor comfort.

Residential AC & Heating

Harley’s Heating & Air Conditioning protects the health of your family by ensuring your air quality is at optimum levels!

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